RAISEC Assessment Test 


The RAISEC test evaluates your personality and lets you know your score on 6 different scales.

These are

  1. Realist
  2. Investigative
  3. Artistic
  4. Social
  5. Enterprising
  6. Conventional

These scores are not mutually exclusive and every person will have different scores in each of the segments.

Depending on the predominant score that you have, you will be able to identify your most dominant stereotype and based on this we will be able to suggest career paths as well.



Please take the test below to evaluate your dominant personality type.

Tips while taking the evaluation

  1. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Choose what comes to your mind first, and what you feel is true about yourself.
  2. Do not try to answer in a manner that is pleasing for others – Choose what is right for you
  3. Do not rush, take a deep breath, and calm down. Let your mind guide you on choosing the answers
1.I like to work on cars
2.I like to do puzzles
3.I am good at working independently
4.I like to work in teams
5.I am an ambitious person, I set goals for myself
6.I like to organize things, (files, desks/offices)
7.I like to build things
8.I like to read about art and music
9.I like to have clear instructions to follow
10.I like to try to influence or persuade people
11.I like to do experiments
12.I like to teach or train people
13.I like trying to help people solve their problems
14.I like to take care of animals
15.I wouldn’t mind working 8 hours per day in an office
16.I like selling things
17.I enjoy creative writing
18.I enjoy science
19.I am quick to take on new responsibilities
20.I am interested in healing people
21.I enjoy trying to figure out how things work
22.I like putting things together or assembling things
23.I am a creative person
24.I pay attention to details
25.I like to do filing or typing
26.I like to analyze things (problems/ situations)
27.I like to play instruments or sing
28.I enjoy learning about other cultures
29.I would like to start my own business
30.I like to cook
31.I like acting in plays
32.I am a practical person
33.I like working with numbers or charts
34.I like to get into discussions about issues
35.I am good at keeping records of my work
36.I like to lead
37.I like working outdoors
38.I would like to work in an office
39.I am good at math
40.I like helping people
41.I like to draw
42.I like giving speeches

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