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Become an Automotive Tuner & Master Technician


Here's The Thing: No One Teaches You Tuning or Diagnostics

People consider teaching students about tuning or advanced diagnostics as a threat to their business. So hardly any of the established businesses will teach you these advanced concepts. Until now that is.


Learn the fundamentals of petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles

Since the world is fast moving towards electric and hybrid vehicles, we have modules that cover the fundamentals of these cars and bikes as well. You will be prepared for current as well future technologies in the market.


Learn how to diagnose electrical, electronics and software modules

Mechanical problems can be easily diagnosed by looking at the components, but for electrical or electronics diagnostics, you need a lot more knowledge. Our course makes this very easy for you to understand and we also suggest which tools you can purchase to start diagnosis.


Learn to tune car or bike with stand-alone ECU or Remaps

Why tuning and remap? Because unless you know this, you will not be able to become a MASTER technician. You will need this knowledge to perform software updates on cars, repair ECUs, replace control modules in-addition to performing ECU Tuning and Remaps

Take care of your car in the garage, and it will take care of you!!

But Our Students Are Acing The Game

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Sirius Motorsports India Pvt Ltd is a fully owned subsidary of ReynLab Technologies.

Introducing ReynWorks: The ALL-IN-ONE Automotive Course for Enthusiasts, Job-Seekers and Business People


Helps you understand and work on cars

Even if you have no technical knowledge, our course will help you to understand the fundamentals and build your skills from there.


Covers diagnostics and tuning for petrol, diesel and electric car and bikes

We do not restrict to just petrol and diesel vehicles, but extend to electric vehicles as well so you can work with pretty much any car or bike in the market


Online and offline modes, virtual diagnostics modules available

Flexible learning schedules for online modules, hands-on experience at our garage combined with around 60 virtual diagnostics lessons to sharpen your skills

What Makes Us Different From Others?


Learn online or offline | Use your computer or mobile device


Extend course duration if you are unable to complete in time - No Questions Asked


We have been in the automotive business -repair, tuning & remaps since 2005


Personal guidance whether you are looking for jobs or setting up your own business


The best brands associate with us Code6 Tuning, Sirius Motorsports and many other race teams


Be a part of the Reynlab community where new articles and videos on tuning and repair are share monthly

You Have 6M Access to Our Lessons

Because learning can never stop, we give you 6 months access to our training materials. Continue learning or referring to the materials even after the completion of the course

What Should You Expect?

Once you have completed our course, you will still recieve the following benefits

For assistance WhatsApp - +91 93848 52224

We Just Don't Teach You Tuning and Diagnostics, But To Understand The Process

Many course modules only teach you how to work with a particular model of car or bike. We on the other hand help you grasp the fundamentals and techniques. So you can work with pretty much any car or bike in the market!

You Are Eight Weeks Away From Being a Master ECU Tuning and Diagnostics Technician

Here's what we will cover week by week


Automotive Fundamentals

Learn all you need to know about automotive systems - covers IC Engines, Suspensions, Brakes, HVAC and charging systems. If you already know your basics, you can complete the quiz modules and skip this portion.


Automotive Systems and Sub Systems

This module covers advanced automotive systems such as power steering, airmatic suspension, ABS brakes, safety systems etc., Covers theory as well as practical aspects.


Sensors and Actuators

Learn about the automotive electronic and mechatronic systems. This is essential for learning both diagnostics as well as ECU tuning. Doesnt matter if you not are from electrical background - we teach you from basics.


Tuning and Remap

Learn how to remap and tune cars in this module - though technically this module extend to 20 days in total, you start working on this module from week 3 onwards.


Automotive Diagnostics Level 1

Your introduction to the world of diagnostics starts here - L1 fundamentals covers the electrical system basics and diagnostics techniques. Learn from videos, interactive modules and case studies.


Electrical System Diagnosis

Learn to diagnose and repair electrical systems such as head light circuits, power windows, heater circuit, interior circuits, fuel and spark circuits. Also learn hands-on skills with soldering, crimping etc.,


Electronic Systems Diagnosis

Electronic systems require you to use a oscilloscope instead of a multi-meter. In this module learn how to use an oscilloscope to diagnose troubles. You will work on around 50+ case studies until you have mastered it.


ECU Repair and Software Coding

This module deals with reading and writing ECUs, swapping ECUs and immo chips, coding and repairing ECUs. Learn to use tools like KTAG, KESS and J2534 tools for software coding.

"I run a ECU Tuning / Electrical Diagnostics Shop in Oman "


Suraj is from a computer science background and was part of our ECU Tuning / Diagnostics batch. Post the completion of the course and interning with us, Suraj runs a tuning shop in Oman where he caters to American and Japanese vehicles primarily. In the times he is not tuning cars, he takes up electrical diagnosis and repair works.

For assistance WhatsApp - +91 93848 52224

Imagine This: In Just 2 Months Time You Can Start Tuning or Diagnosing Cars

Career Option 1 - Work as a Master Technician : Your skills and knowledge about diagnostics and ECU tuning will help you diagnose and repair problems that normal technicians can not handle. You are skilled enough to work on ECU repairs and control module coding.

Career Option 2 - Setup or Upgrade you Automotive Garage : With your new technical knowledge and skills, upgrade the kind of service you are able to provide to your customers. Start new lines of business in ECU tuning and remaps, performance products and advanced vehicle diagnostics for premium and luxury cars

Career Option 3 - Setup a ReynWorks mobile workshop franchisee : For a fraction of the investment required to setup a regular garage - setup a mobile franchisee supported by ReynLab and work your way to financial freedom - marginal franchisee fees and high margins for you!

That's Not All! Every Tool, Template and Playbook You'll Need is Already Included

Bonus 1: E-Book on Diagnostics

Get a e-book on diagnostics and wiring diagram quick reference prepared by our CEO. This little book helps you diagnose problems quicker and serves as a handy field guide / workshop manual for you.

Bonus 2: Wiring Diagrams for almost every car in the market today!

Need wiring diagram for an application and not able to find it? We support around 150+ cars in the market and you can access the wiring manuals when needed.

Bonus 3: Free Program Upgrades

For the next one year, get free enrollments to whatever new modules are being launched by us. This includes additions to the diagnostics and ecu tuning courses as well as completely new courses in automotive aftermarket as well.

No Questions Asked Guarantee: 7-Day Refund

Incase you are not happy with our course for any reason, we offer a no-questions asked money-back guarantee

For assistance WhatsApp - +91 93848 52224

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: YES you can! The qualification for this course is that you should be 18 years old and have knowledge on operating a computer. Rest everything will be taught by us!

Ans: Everything you need to start diagnosing cars and tuning them will be covered. Look at our course content modules for more information.

Ans: Currently its a blended learning module. You have hands-on modules that happen at our centre in Chennai. The theory portions are offered through our LMS which you can study while at our centre.

Ans: You can choose to restart the course once you are available – you can join any batch subsequently and continue from where you left off.

Ans: Yes – we support for placements through our network of garages ad workshops.

Ans: Yes – we can offer end to end support and consultancy for helping yuo setup a garage – no matter how big or small.

Ans: We do not include tools with this course. You can use the tools at our centre and learn. Once you are ready to start off on your own, we can help you purchase your own tools.

Ans: Usually it can be completed in 8 weeks. But for some reason you are not able to complete or if you feel your learning is not adequate, we can extend the duration of the course.

Ans: As of now we do not have offline modules or batches at any other location.

Ans: Please refer to our course brochure or chat with our customer service team to understand our pricing.

Ans: Yes we do. We are STEM accredited and offer a internationally recognized STEM certificate on completion of the course.

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