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The stories behind famous Paris

some cool adventures in Paris that we must share

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How to open Ecu for repair or remap?

The Bosch ME17.7 ECU is a widely used control unit in various vehicles such as the Honda Brio, Tata Nano, and KTM Duke 200/390. This

2021 Learning Trends in Edtech

Mobile learning 89% of smartphone users download apps 50% of which are used for learning Mobile apps for learning Learn anywhere and anytime Micro Learning

6 Advantages of Mobile Learning

Learning path : Mobile offers continuous and personalised learning path.Learners get ongoing notifications and updates on their courses, which they check anywhere and anytime. The


My name is Siddhartha. I have been practising MATLAB for automotive-related technology such as controllers, machine learning, etc., Over the period of past 2 years

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The EV Paradigm

Have you ever wondered why the electric vehicle industry is witnessing such impressive growth while the rest of the industry seems to be slowing down?

Electronics for Dummies

How do you learn about electronics if you are total newbie to the world of electronics like me and many others? You could take the

What is Power?

frequently, we talk about cars with more horsepower and acceleration. But do we really understand what horsepower is? How does a car with less horsepower

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